What hi fi pdf журнал

what hi fi pdf журнал
Информация об изданиях: обзоры, содержание, периодичность, официальные адреса сайтов. There seems to be a lot of in-fighting within the audiophile world about people’s personal choices and the equipment they finally place in their system. The July edition of Hifi Pig Magazine is now available for free download. Zeta Zero Venus Picolla Loudspeakers. DiDiT DAC 212 Digital To Analogue Converter.

Why this planar magnetic design delights Arcam rPhono We hear the UK company’s first ever standalone MM/MC phono stage, a budget design with a surprise or two VINTAGE Vintage Review How does the classic kit of yesteryear shape up today? Win: Chord Company’s Epic Reference Loudspeaker cable worth £750 plus Akiko Tuning Sticks. If you’d rather not download the PDF magazine you can read it here. Johnny Black looks into its recording and why its lyrical surrealism is still scrutinised today Meet The Producers By bringing his dance chops to the mixing desk, this US producer has inspired the greatest of rock acts. Hegel Rost From Norway comes an integrated amp hoping to make a splash with its USB DAC and network audio functions Blue Microphones Ella What’s this? A headphone that shuns populism in favour of fidelity? Linette Smith examines what the visual appeal of a system can do. Klipsch R-4B Саундбар с сабвуфером и детальным звуком.

Different loudspeaker designs with Ian Ringstead. VIEWS OF STU Why Hifi Pig ? Why ? The truth behind the name and origins of Hifi Pig by Stuart Smith. BIRDS EYE VIEW Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. Скачать → Читайте в выпуске What Hi-Fi: Первые тесты. 4К, HDR, 49 дюймов – пора заменить ТВ в гостиной • Скромные габариты и остальные плюсы • Групповой тест. Mark Levinson’s new No519 digital disc/media player brings the technology bang up to date as do the pristine Concept 500 floorstanders from Q Acoustics. The Views Of Stu – Stuart Smith looks at the year that was 2015 and hints at a few things you can expect to see in the coming year from Hifi Pig.

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